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2023-24 Season

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Hathor promo B.jpeg

Hathor Duo (flute & harp)

Hathor promo A.jpeg

7.15pm Sunday 8th October 2023
Stokesley Methodist Church

Meera Maharaj   Flute

Lucy Nolan         Harp

We're delighted to welcome back Meera Maharaj in an instrumental combination which would surely have been thoroughly approved of by Mozart. With harpist Lucy Nolan the Hathor Duo take us on a musical journey around the world.

Click on the other tabs to see the programme with links some of the pieces being performed; biographies of Lucy and Meera; links to their social media.

7.15pm Sun 8th Oct 2023

Owen Horn - Martin Owen .jpg

Owen Horn Trio (horn, violin & piano)

Owen Horn.jpg

3pm Sunday 5th November 2023
Stokesley Methodist Church

Martin Owen Horn

Miranda Dale Violin

Paul Turner Piano

The exciting Owen Horn Trio's TMS debut covers those deep human relationships of friendship and homage. 
Schumann's sonata leads us, eventually, to his great friend and idol Brahms' major work for horn trio. The journey takes us via Georgy Ligeti's challenging tribute to Brahms' horn trio writing.

3pm Sun 5th Nov 2023

Brodsky Quartet

A quote from the quartet: The Brodsky Quartet is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022-23, and we like to think we look young enough for that to be almost unbelievable!  We still gain a huge amount of pleasure in the endlessly fascinating vocation we have made our lives' work. The passion remains in our hearts and, we hope, will still manage to thrill our audiences as we continue on this anniversary season!

3pm Sunday 26th November 2023
Stokesley Methodist Church

Krysia Osostowicz Violin

Ian Belton Violin

Paul Cassidy Viola

Jacqueline Thomas Cello

Teesside's finest make a swift and welcome return following their last concert with us in 2021. Viola player Paul Cassidy shows his musical arrangement skills in the second piece of Rachmaninov performed tonight. Britten's restless first string quartet is paired with Janacek's second quartet - a work inspired by love and referred to by the composer as "Intimate Letters". Pieces by Stravinsky and Shostakovich complete the vigorous and colourful musical picture.

This concert is generously sponsored by Dr Richard Hartley

Following the concert, Jaqueline Thomas will be taking about her book "Jacksons, Monk & Rowe and the Brodsky Quartet - The Formative Years". Jacqueline Thomas is the little girl who began this quartet and she remains its cellist to this day. Her memoir tells the story of the first ten formative years, with insight into the passion and fervour surrounding music-making on all levels, many amusing and sometimes hilarious extracts from her teen diaries, the single-minded obsession with their Art and the ambition to make it a success. With a distinct flavour of the 1970s, her teen-self also grapples with the gender inequalities endemic in the music world back then.

3pm Sun 26th Nov 2023

Mathilde 3.jpeg

Mathilde Milwidsky (solo violin)

3pm Sunday 7th January 2024
Stokesley Methodist Church

Mathilde has been named as a Classic FM 'Rising Star', and has been a prizewinner and contestant, at several recent international competitions for outstanding violinists. She gave wonderful performances at the Swaledale Festival 23, and appears for us offering, essentially, a Bach sonata and the work of other composers inspired by Bach, such as Eugene Ysaye, who along with Paganini, opened up new horizons in violin virtuosity.

Mathilde has worked extensively with contemporary composers, and she includes a Partita by Huw Watkins in this exciting recital.

3pm Sun 7th Jan 2024

North8 and stars.jpg

North8 (vocal octet)

3pm Sunday 11th February 2024
Stokesley Methodist Church

Underneath the Stars


A magical winter concert of eight-part harmony works on the theme of darkness and light. Featuring music by Reena Esmail, Bob Chilcott, Kate Rusby and Eric Whitacre.

3pm Sun 11th Feb 2024


Marmen Quartet

7.15pm Sunday 17th March 2024
Stokesley Methodist Church

We're delighted to welcome the high profile Marmens in their TMS debut following cancellation, due to illness, in 2022. Early French Impressionism meets string quartet composition in Debussy's one and only work in this genre. Ravel was inspired by the earlier work to write his one and only string quartet with the impressionism tempered by a more reserved and classical style.

Johannes Marmen Violin

Laia Valentin Braun Violin

Bryony Gibson-Cornish Viola

Sinéad O'Halloran Cello

7.15pm Sun 17th Mar 2024

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